Level Up – the result of a merger between HS Connect and Weston High School Tutoring Club, Pencil Tips – is a student-run organization that provides free, live online tutoring in science, technology, engineering, math, and English (STEM+) to underserved, underrepresented students- locally and globally- to help them reach their fullest potential.

For Families (Grades 1-8): All of our virtual tutoring is free. Our tutors include National Honor Society members, and high school students recommended by teachers. Request a Tutor (link) and we will match you with a qualified student teacher.

For High School Volunteers: Level Up helps bridge the gap between high-achieving STEM+ students who want to contribute to society and the needs of learning communities in the U.S. and developing countries. We help onboard new student teachers; have meetups to share experiences about online teaching and learning; and provide ongoing support.

For Schools & Nonprofits: We depend on you to recommend students in need of tutoring; and to ensure that students have reliable internet connection, computers/laptops, and if applicable, a facilitator that speaks both English and students' native language.

Contact Info
Ben at 22pomianekb@weston.org with any questions about curriculum.
Emma at 22mcnultye@weston.org if you're interested in helping with fundraising.
Hanna at 22wangh@weston.org with general questions.
Theo at 23luut@weston.org about community partnerships.